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The Aintree Farms Homeowners’ Association annual dues are $2,600.00 and invoiced quarterly in the amount of $650.00 per calendar quarter. The above referenced homeowner (confirmed in form) quarterly dues and these dues should be pro-rated at the time of closing.
There is also a Capital Reserve Assessment collected at the time of closing in the amount of 1% of the purchase price of the home and forwarded to the following address:
Aintree Farms Homeowners Association
3310 Winners Circle
Germantown, TN 38138
When sending the 1% Capital Assessment check please do not forget to send a copy of closing documents, as the Association must have a record of the contract sales price before they can disburse .5% of the 1% collected to the seller.
Mary Rubenstein
Aintree Farms Homeowners Association
Closing Letter Request
Aintree Farms Homeowners Association aintreegermantown@comcast.net (901) 748-3331
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